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The definition of luxury is exclusive to an individual's perception. At its core it is a culmination of characteristics we would all agree to be ‘luxurious’. Quality, rarity and beauty are key elements Italian Luxury Group assesses as we hand pick from our fine array of Italian brands.

Since our conception we have been at the forefront of Italian innovation, working closely with artisans and craftsmen to expel the geographical limitations in Australia for the purpose of providing access to excellence. Our curated sourcing is considered with great regard to delivering a premium product that would otherwise have been unattainable or overlooked. We believe in the value of workmanship and by extension the beauty in an Italian made item. A ‘Made in Italy’ is not merely a box to tick or a sought after title, it carries behind it a deep history of design excellence. It is our duty to see it carried forward into the homes and hands of our Australian clients. 

In our new blog series we want to celebrate artisanal luxury. Breaking down the history and distinct qualities of each of our successful brands, sharing their stories of excellence. Follow the journey with our exclusive features of Acqua dell’Elba, Mario Luca Giusti, Lamborghini and Giora to name a few.

Above: Acqua Dell'Elba Classica Eau De Parfum

Our curatorial approach led us to Acqua dell’Elba. A signature scent created with intention. The company creates with attention to detail transporting you to Isola D’Elba’s fresh breeze. With both personal and home fragrance we will introduce you to the multigenerational artisan and its craft.
These are some of the best-selling perfumes:
Acqua Dell'Elba Classica Eau De Parfum, Acqua Dell'Elba Blu Eau De Parfum, Acqua Dell'Elba Arcipelago Eau De Parfum, Acqua Dell'Elba Eau De Parfum Unisex.

In a country where outdoor entertaining takes precedence over everything, Mario Luca Giusti is a brand of Italian origins made for the Australian climate. With a classic undertone, its products push the limits of design innovation. Strong in the hand and light in weight they are the ultimate addition to your tableware year round. With a crystal glisten in acrylic we will explore why Mario Luca Giusti products are the optimum solution.

These are some of the best-selling products:
Mario Luca Giusti Super Milly Tumbler Amber, Mario Luca Giusti Dolce Vita Water Glass Royal Blue, Mario Luca Giusti Antartica Ice Bucket Clear

Below: Mario Luca Giusti Store in St Tropez

In our next blog post come back to explore the origins and history of Acqua Dell'Elba and Mario Luca Giusti. With suggestions on what fragrance will suit your person taste best as well as the interior solutions with beautiful acrylic tableware as true luxury never goes out of style. Shop the rest of the catalogue here 

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