Warranty & Authenticity

Warranty & Authenticity:
Italian Luxury Group is an Authorised Retailer and only sells new and original watches.  All watches ship in a branded gift box all over the world.

Maurice Lacroix I Vivienne Westwood I Maserati I Chiara Ferragni I Gant – Sector I Festina - Philip Watch - Paul Hewitt - Nordgreen - JDM - D1 Milano. 
When purchasing a watch you will obtain a warranty which is valid for 24 months from the purchase date in accordance with the conditions of the guarantee. In order to utilise the guarantee, you must present a guarantee certificate, filled out completely and correctly by an authorised dealer.

The guarantee is not valid for the normal wear and tear of your watch, and will not come into force in the case of improper treatment. Improper treatment includes water damage, accidental damage (such as bumps and breakages) and damage which arises as a result of default of the operating instructions. The guarantee is also invalid when clock maintenance, repairs or strap changes are carried out by a third party, who is not authorised by our brands. The following watch parts are excluded from the guarantee service: battery, glass, crowns, every type of wrist band and bracelet, and every type of decoration and jewellery.

For defects which are covered by the guarantee it is at the discretion dei Brands, whether or not to carry out a repair or whether to provide an identical replacement or a watch with similar features. The service center of the authorised watch dealers are also allowed to charge fees for postage and packaging and also necessary insurance. When claiming the guarantee, please contact an authorised dealer or the service center.

Ingersoll 1982 Lifetime Warranty:

Our belief is that products should be built to last, that’s why Ingersoll is proud to offer a lifetime warranty to back that claim. Your watch is covered by us for the lifetime of the watch under the terms and conditions of this warranty.

The Ingersoll Lifetime Warranty covers faulty workmanship with normal usage for the lifetime of the watch. In case of defects covered by the warranty, all parts (excluding battery, leather strap and buckle) will be repaired or the watch will be replaced free of charge. In the case of replacement, Ingersoll cannot guarantee that the replacement will be the original watch model. If your model is not available, a watch of equal value and similar style will be supplied. A copy of the receipt and/or your completed Certificate of Warranty is required as proof of purchase. 


Any model launched prior to the Autumn/Winter 2016 Range, all models launched prior to this range will be covered by our standard 2 year warranty. To see our range of Ingersoll watches that offer the lifetime warranty please visit our shop.
- Leather strap, battery, and buckle
- Damage resulting from improper handling, accidents, normal wear and tear
- Water damage unless watch is marked water–resistant
- Damage by accident or negligence of persons other than authorised Ingersoll sales or services agents, an unauthorised service, or other factors not due to faulty materials or workmanship.
- Pre-owned vintage watches sold in as-is condition.

Please refer to our watch care page for guidelines on how to get the most out of your watch.

Should you require work under warranty, please send your watch and a copy of your sales receipt and/or your certificate of warranty with a completed watch repair form to your nearest authorised watch service centre. For information on your authorised watch centre, please contact the seller directly or contact us if you purchased the product directly from us.

Watch battery replacement by any service provider other than an Ingersoll authorised service centre, such replacement will not void your warranty, provided such replacement (i) is performed by an experienced and legitimate service centre, (ii) is not performed in a negligent manner, and (iii) is reassembled properly, including without limitation, replacement of gasket if necessary to achieve suitable water resistance. Ingersoll has the right to determine, at its sole and absolute discretion, if any such third party battery replacement voids your warranty.

Do not send original packaging as it may not be returned. Ingersoll highly recommends you insure your parcel and protect the watch during shipment. Ingersoll is not responsible for product loss or damage during shipment. For service work that is not covered under this warranty, the service centre may perform the services you request for a charge dependent on watch style and type of work requested. Such charges will be advised to you and agreed by you prior to performing the services.

Maserati & Chiara Ferragni Jewellery 

We provide a limited 365 day manufacturing warranty on all jewellery purchases with proof of purchase. This does not cover ‘accidental damage’ ‘deliberate damage’, excessive or normal wear and tear. If a ILG item does not live up to your expectations, and you believe it is in fact faulty, our staff will happily assess the item and work with you on an appropriate solution.

We guarantee to work towards a fair and reasonable outcome for our customers, each and every time. Suitable solutions may be a repair, a replacement, an exchange for another item or a refund. 

PDPaola Jewellery
There is a 2-year warranty on all PDPAOLA items from date of purchase. The warranty is validagainst any defects in materials/workmanship. This warranty does not include insurance againstphysical or accidental wear and/or damage (i.e. skin reactions to jewellery). Replacements will be issued after warranty assessment of each case. Return postage is the responsibility of the retailer.

Your watch is warranted for a period of one (1) year from the original date of purchase under the terms and conditions of the warranty. This warranty covers materials and manufacturing defects. This warranty does not cover damage resulting from improper handling, lack of care, accidents, normal wear and tear or aging, water damage if care instructions for the product's water resistance levels (as marked on the product) were not followed.

Warning: The data measured by the watch can be used as a reference, but not as medical data. Because the watch is not a medical device.

Wall Clocks
12 months warranty for clock and gear movements.
All clocks are tested before we dispatch them

For any further information please email us at info@italianluxurygroup.com.au